A list of links for Data Providers
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The following is a list of links for data providers and web applications developers that provide the means to create new deployments, upload conforming DAC NetCDF files, view data set status and programmatically interface with the DAC via a RESTful API.

Utilities and Resources for Data Providers

The following is a list of useful scripts and utilities for registered and prospective data providers

  • Simple DAC NetCDF File Validator This python script compares a list of one or more NetCDF files to a known conforming DAC NetCDF file and prints the results to STDOUT and STDERR. If your files validate against this script they will be accepted by the DAC. It is highly recommended that you use this script to help you check your DAC NetCDF files before submitting them as it will significantly decrease your development time. This script requires the following non-core modules:
  • FTP script for automating uploads of conforming NetCDF files to the DAC ftp server. The script is written in Perl and requires the following non-core modules:

The following is a list of links that will take you directly to the specified resource.

  • Deployment Registration: http://data.ioos.us/gliders/providers
  • NetCDF FTP server: ftp://data.ioos.us/
  • Data Set Status: https://gliders.ioos.us/status/
  • DAC RESTful API: http://data.ioos.us/gliders/providers/api/deployment
  • ERDDAP Data Set Access: http://data.ioos.us/gliders/erddap/tabledap/index.html
  • THREDDS Data Set Access: http://data.ioos.us/gliders/thredds/catalog.html
  • IOOS Gliders and the DAC: https://gliders.ioos.us/data
  • IOOS Catalog Map: https://gliders.ioos.us/map/

Deployment Registration


Data Set Status

ERDDAP Data Set Access

THREDDS Data Set Access

IOOS Gliders and the DAC

IOOS Catalog Map