This page presents an in-depth description and discussion of the U.S. IOOS National Data Assembly Center architecture.
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Data Assembly Center Architecture

The following diagram illustrates the architecture of the U.S. IOOS National Glider Data Assembly Center and end-to-end data flow pathway.

NGDAC Architecture

Data Provider Responsibilities

The primary role of the individual glider operators is to write and submit compliant NetCDF data files to the U.S. IOOS National Glider Data Assembly Center’s ftp site. All subsequent archiving and data product generation is done by the NGDAC. Specifically, individual glider operators/data providers are responsible for the following:

  1. Register as a data provider by providing a point of contact for the institution submitting data files.
  2. Request a WMO ID from the NGDAC.
  3. Initialize a new deployment at the NGDAC website by completing a simple form describing the deployment.
  4. Ftp new NetCDF files to the NGDAC as they become available.

A detailed description of these steps can be also found on the NGDAC GitHub repo Wiki.

NGDAC Responsibilities

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