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IOOS Biological Observations Data Services

The IOOS Biological Observations Data Services address the Data Management and Communications (DMAC) requirements that pertain to biological observations standards and interoperability applicable to U.S. IOOS and to various observing systems. Biological observations are highly heterogeneous and the variety of formats, logical structures, and sampling methods create significant challenges. The objective of the IOOS Biological Observations Services is to develop and deploy an efficient and effective information infrastructure for biological observations, adding components and links as necessary to serve end-users.

IOOS Biological Data Services Enrollment Procedure

This document describes the data enrollment procedures proposed by IOOS Data Management and Communication (DMAC) to support sharing and integration of aquatic biological data (i.e. IOOS core variables: fish species, fish abundance, zooplankton species, zooplankton abundance, phytoplankton species). However these data services are applicable to any aquatic taxa that have presence, absence and abundance information.

The document has the following major sections:

  • IOOS Basic Principle
    Describes the IOOS data principle for sharing ocean observing data.
  • IOOS Biological Data Flow
    Describes the biological data flow from IOOS Data providers through IOOS Regional Association to US IOOS DMAC system.
  • Enrollment Procedure
    Defines the types of enrollment procedure and the steps of enrolling a data provider.