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Thursday, February 8 – Friday, February 9, 2018
University of Washington, Seattle, Washington

Organized by IOOS, NANOOS and OBIS-USA

Workshop Overview

This workshop builds on the successful partnership between the U.S. Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) and the Ocean Biogeographic Information System (OBIS-USA) in coordination with IOC’s OceanTeacher Global Academy, and OBIS international to develop a community of practice around the management and analysis of marine biological data. It will provide hands-on training in a computer lab setting and is intended to educate participants on the benefits, goals, technology and process to standardize biological data (and associated physical or chemical data) and make it accessible via OBIS and IOOS, including the MBON Portal. The workshop will also expose participants to OBIS, IOOS and MBON applications for using those data.

See the Workshop Details and Instructions page for additional information about the workshop, including the location, hotels, and workshop preparations.


  • IOOS and OBIS standards and tools for biological data
  • Web services for data access
  • Darwin Core, WoRMS (taxonomy) and metadata standards
  • Hands-on data exercises


  • Expand the IOOS and OBIS network of collaborators
  • Improve marine biogeographic data quality
  • Increase awareness of standards and best practices for marine biological data
  • Increase amount of marine biological data published through IOOS and OBIS
  • Increase availability of marine biological data for science, species conservation and ecosystem-based management


This workshop is supported by IOOS and organized by IOOS, NANOOS and OBIS-USA.

Planning team: Jennifer Bosch (IOOS), Gabrielle Canonico (IOOS), Emilio Mayorga (NANOOS / UW) and Abigail Benson (OBIS-USA / USGS)

Relevant Resources

2018 Instructors and Registered Participants - Participant Access Only