IOOS Documentation Portal is a doorway to IOOS resources on GitHub and otherwise; a collection of links to the guides, conventions, procedures and templates that define the IOOS Data Management And Communication (DMAC) strategy
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Guidelines and Specifications

DMAC Implementation Guidelines for Data Providers

The Guidance for Implementation of the Integrated Ocean Observing System (IOOS) Data Management and Communications (DMAC) Subsystem describes the responsibilities of an IOOS Data Provider published on the official IOOS Web site.

IOOS Service and Data Registration

Registration of the IOOS services and data with IOOS Harvest Registry allows the wide range of various clients efficiently discover U.S. IOOS data. The IOOS Service & Data Registration Guide describes the Harvest Registry API, elaborates on registration process details and best practices for IOOS Data Provider, and provides examples of useful scripts.

IOOS SOS Guidelines

A cookbook for IOOS Application Profile of the OGC SOS v1.0 that includes guidelines, templates, and tests essential for service development and deployment:


Data Encoding in CSV/TSV

The IOOS Convention for Observation Data Encoding in CSV/TSV document describes the rules and constraints for encoding observation data as plain text Comma-Separated Values (CSV) or Tab-Separated Values (TSV).

Asset Identification

The IOOS Convention for Observing Asset Identifiers document describes the set of rules used by the IOOS program to assign identifiers to observing assets like measurement stations, platforms, sensors, etc.


A collection of guidelines on the Controlled Vocabularies usage in IOOS-compliant data services (the link temporarily leads to the GitHub repository itself rather then to the GitHub Pages).

Data Services for Animal Telemetry

A collection of documents describing animal telemetry implementation:

Passive Acoustics Metadata

The Metadata Convention for Passive Acoustic Recording defines metadata that supports the mission of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) for acquisition, archiving, and dissemination of ocean passive acoustic data.


IOOS Catalog of Data and Services

System Integration Test

The system integration test development site on github contains IPython notebooks demonstrating how to access data from servers in various scenarios.


The IOOS ncSOS adds an OGC SOS service to datasets in your existing THREDDS server. It complies with the IOOS SWE Milestone 1.0 templates and requires your datasets be in any of the CF 1.6 Discrete Sampling Geometries.