compliance_checker.cfutil.isProfile(nc, variable)[source]#

Per Ch 9 of the CF spec, profiles are a part of the CF Discrete Sampling Geometries. Profile data can be logically represented in a file one of four ways: orthogonal multidimensional array, incomplete multidimensional array, contiguous ragged array, and indexed ragged array. If the variable is found to be any valid for any one of these representations, return “profile” else return None.

The very first part of this function attempts to use legacy code to test if the variable is a profile in the orthogonal multidimensional array representation or the incomplete multidimensional array representation. If neither of these are true, it moves on to testing for the contiguous ragged array and indexed ragged array representations.

ncnetCDF4 Dataset
variable: str name of variable
str or None

variable (str) –