Deprecation Notice - This guidance was deprecated by IOOS on 2020-01-10 and is superceded by the IOOS Metadata Profile 1.2. Please read the Deprecation Notice below for more information. Original Summary - This brief description summarizes the content of the Guidelines. The other topics on this site provide additional information and detail about working with all aspects of the IOOS SOS 1.0.
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Deprecation Notice

Notice: This convention has been deprecated due to IOOS’ transition from the OGC SOS/SWE suite of standards to ERDDAP for in situ data dissemination.

All relevant guidance in this standard has been superceded as of the 2020-01-10 publication date of the IOOS Metadata Profile 1.2. Please refer to the IOOS Metadata Profile for current guidance.

The information below is retained for historical reference purposes only.

IOOS SOS Application Profile

U.S. IOOS distributes ocean observations using the OGC Sensor Observation Service. To support this effort U.S. IOOS has developed a profile of SOS v1.0 (henceforth IOOS SOS v1.0) that includes specific behaviors for the SOS interface and for the output formats delivered in response to the three operations of the SOS Core Profile. The GitHub repository contains documentation of the IOOS SOS v1.0 profile, example templates for the responses, and information on two reference implementations developed to support the IOOS SOS v1.0 profile. To facilitate the practical implementation of the SOS, IOOS has developed the IOOS Application Profile (AP) for SOS, which includes a series of operation templates, controlled vocabularies, IOOS Conventions for SOS Implementation, and a set of tests for IOOS SOS implementations.


The Web Service Description Document (WSDD) provides a description of a Sensor Observation Service (SOS) that has been developed by U.S. IOOS for deployment by NOAA data providers and IOOS Regional Associations (RAs). This service provides a service consumer with the capability to access ocean observations data products, such as time series and profiles, which have XML-based encodings and included in the SWE Common Data Model.

IOOS SOS 1.0 Templates

IOOS SOS 1.0 Compliance and Interoperability Tests

This document describes a collection of tests that have to be run in order to ensure a required level of compliance with IOOS SOS Profile 1.0 (IOOS Convention), and official OGC SOS 1.0.0 specification.