Guide on how to update ERDDAP
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ERDDAP is deployed using the Docker container as described in the Quick Start.


  1. Check that docker-erddap has the version you want to update to.
  2. Review Things ERDDAP Administrators Need to Know and Do on the ERDDAP Changes page.
    1. Be sure to review all of the topics listed between your deployed version and the one you want to update to. Some of the changes impact the various configuration files and as such should be addressed.
  3. Stop the running docker container
    $ docker-compose down
  4. Update image: in docker-compose.yml to point to appropriate version you want to update to.
  5. Make the appropriate edits to the configuration files as researched in Step 1.
  6. Spin up the new version
    $ docker-compose up -d
  7. Check http://localhost:8080/erddap/status.html to see the status of your ERDDAP.

What to do if something breaks

  1. If there is a problem, visit http://localhost:8080/erddap/status.html (which flushes log information to the log file), then look for an error message related to the dataset in /erddap/data/logs/log.txt.