Describes gold standard examples for various dataset types and scenarios.
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The page provides links to example datasets that satisfy the IOOS Metadata Profile 1.2.

Since the IOOS standard builds off of the NOAA NCEI NetCDF Templates, the NCEI “Gold Standard” examples (HTTP, THREDDS) provide a great starting point.

The IOOS Gold Standard Examples focus on IOOS-specific guidelines, and can serve as templates for data providers interested in implementing the profile. In addition to the dataset links below, IOOS maintains a fully-deployable ERDDAP instance that includes both the example data and configuration files. Consult the following link for more information:

Dataset Types and Examples

Fixed station, met package

This is the simplest scenario: an ERDDAP dataset with a single fixed station and a single package.


Moored buoy, met package and currents package

In this example, the two packages are broken up into two ERDDAP datasets.

Station, multiple packages, single dataset

Example coming soon…

GTS Ingest

The WQB_04 and WQB_05 PacIOOS buoys are actively used by NDBC for collecting data.

Moving station, UAV with sub-surface measurements

Example coming soon…

Moving station, series of CTD casts from a cruise

Example coming soon…

Moving station, Wave Glider

Example coming soon…