Continuing the Conversation


Teaching: 0 min
Exercises: 120 min
  • How do I continue my work after the workshop?

  • Where do I go to look for help with DwC alignment?

  • How do I provide feedback about this workshop?

  • Learn how to interact with the SMBD group.

  • Complete the (optional) post-workshop survey.

Thank you for attending the workshop!

Our hope is that you were already able to submit your data to OBIS but often work needs to continue beyond the workshop. This page lists some resources to help get your data the rest of the way into OBIS.

The Standardizing Marine Bio Data Group

One of the primary goals of the “Standardizing Marine Bio Data” (SMBD) exists to provide a space for individuals to help each other put data into OBIS. Many from this workshop meet monthly at the SMBD and interact asynchronously to offer help for those aligning to DwC. There are two primary ways to interact with the SMBD:

Monthly SMBD Meetings

Information about monthly SMBD meetings can be found on the SMBD github page here. Anyone is welcome to attend - we are a small community of individuals who are passionate about getting data into OBIS, DwC, other standard forms.

SMBD GitHub Issue Tracker

You are also welcome to open an “issue” in the SMBD GitHub Issue tracker. This issue tracker is not just for “issue reporting” - please use it to ask questions or start discussions about your data.

Add Your Dataset as an Example

You can upload your dataset into the /datasets/ directory so that the SMBD community can learn from your work and help finish up any remaining work.


More information about the SMBD group can be found at

Post-Workshop Survey

If you wish to provide feedback please use this post-workshop survey.

OBIS Manual

If you are interested in continuing to learn about data formatting and mobilization, the OBIS Manual contains a lot of relevant content and guidelines for data standardization.

Key Points

  • The Standardizing Marine Bio Data (SBMD) group is available to help.

  • The SMBD meets monthly and you are welcome to join.

  • The SMBD github issue tracker is the best place to reach out for help.