Marine Data Mobilization Workshop for Biology and Ecosystem Essential Ocean Variables (Bio-Eco EOV) is a Contribution to the UN Decade on Ocean Science for Sustainable Development and the Marine Life 2030 Decade Action. The workshop is jointly hosted by CIOOS, IOOS, Hakai, MBON, OBIS-USA, and OTN.

This workshop is a small hands-on, interactive virtual workshop focused on mobilizing marine biological observation datasets to the Ocean Biodiversity Information System (OBIS) by helping data providers standardize their data using Darwin Core. This includes species observations from any type of sampling methodologies (e.g. visual surveys, net tows, microscopy, fish trawls, imaging, `omics, acoustics, telemetry).

The workshop will be organized based on the sections described on the schedule. We will spend 5 - 10 minutes presenting each section and then the rest of the time will be spent in breakout rooms working on your data.


Click on the to be taken the relevant section of this workshop from this overview figure highlighting various resources used for core processes:

Breakout Rooms

The breakout rooms are organized into topics based on the Darwin Core mobilization activity you plan to work on. Below are the breakout rooms and their descriptions:

Breakout Room Description Workshop material link
Darwin Core Terms Identifying appropriate Darwin Core terms for your data. workshop material link
Date Formatting Formatting your dates to ISO-8601. workshop material link
Lat/Lon Conversions Converting your latitude and longitude to decimal degrees north and east. workshop material link
WoRMS lookup Matching your scientific names to the World Register of Marine Species. workshop material link
QA/QC Checking your data for any high level issues. workshop material link
Metadata+Publishing (EML+IPT) Collecting appropriate metadata to document your data. workshop material link
Darwin Core and Extension Schemas Organizing your data between cores and extensions. workshop material link