Contributor Code of Conduct

As contributors and maintainers of this project, we pledge to follow the Carpentry Code of Conduct.

It is encouraged to read and understand the expectations laid out by this Code of Conduct. Some selected excerpts are re-stated here:

Expected behaviour

Everyone who participates in this workshop is required to conform to this Code of Conduct. It applies to all spaces used in the administration of this material including, but not limited to, virtual or in-person workshops, email lists, and online forums such as GitHub, Slack and Twitter. Workshop hosts are expected to assist with the enforcement of the Code of Conduct. By participating, participants indicate their acceptance of the procedures by which The Carpentries resolves any Code of Conduct incidents, which may include storage and processing of their personal information.

All participants in our events and communications are expected to show respect and courtesy to others. All interactions should be professional regardless of platform: either online or in-person. In order to foster a positive and professional learning environment we encourage the following kinds of behaviours:

Unacceptable behaviour

Examples of unacceptable behaviour by participants at any Carpentries event/platform include:

Consequences of Unacceptable behaviour

Instances of abusive, harassing, or otherwise unacceptable behavior may be reported to any of the workshop convenors, who will assess the incident and may determine whether to initiate a review of the incident with a committee of workshop convenors in a manner similar to official Carpentries incident response workflows.